Life gets in the way. We get it! This doesn’t mean your beloved pooch should get less exercise than they need. Dog Walkers Bristol are a friendly bunch of professionals who have over 10,000 ‘walkies’ under our belt.

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We Are Here To Help!

Don’t you just love your adorable pooch? We sure know you do!

Are you just too busy with life to make sure that you are getting your dogs out and about enough each week? Well that’s where we can help. We have been in the business of exercising dogs of all breeds for years. We started back in late 2010 and have since gone on ‘walkies’ over 10,000 times.

We are professional, friendly and experienced folks. Our team is made up of 12 qualified people who are mainly part timers. They all loves animals and we actually require our staff to have their own doggy as part of their family. We will not hire someone if they are just looking for a ‘job’. We want only the best for your beloved family member. And that love and care can only come from a fellow animal lover who has their own dogs as part of their family.

Years in Business
Total Walks

About Dog Walkers Bristol

Alisha Wood is our owner, founder and fellow animal lover.

She didn’t even realised she started her company back in the late 90s. She would take her own her own dogs for a run while attending the University of Bristol. She then had the sudden idea that she might as well run with her fellow student’s dogs as she realised how her friends didn’t get them out enough to play.

After university was finished Alisha kept the business alive but only on weekends. Then in 2010 she decided she had enough of the corporate world took her love of doggys and casual walks in to a full time business.


We are also very laid back. A dog walking service is not a ‘serious’ business like doing your taxes. So we will come and pick up your pooch from your house or flat so don’t worry about being inconvenienced. We will also bring some treat along for you dogs.

If you like we can offer you a solo walk service for one on one attention or perhaps you want to get your pooch involved in a group to make some new friends. 

We take up to 5 dogs in group walks. Our service is nothing short of first class. Just ask our clients!

Where Do Dog Walkers Bristol Take Pooches?

We cover all of Bristol!

There is no part of Bristol we won’t pick up from. Even if you are on the outskirts of town. We will just likely pick you doggy first if that’s the case and then work our way around town until the van is full and then go for walkies!

We cover all of Bristol so that means the city centre, north, south, east and west Bristol. And if you can’t have your canine dropped home right after the their walk don’t stress! We have a doggy care centre they can hang out at for a while.

No need to search the internet for something like ‘dog walkers near me’ as we have you covered!

Where We Walk

  • Broadmead
  • Redcliffe
  • Harbourside
  • Clifton
  • Redland
  • Cotham
  • Stoke Bishop
  • Westbury on Trym
  • Henleaze
  • St Andrews
  • Montpellier
  • Bishopston
  • Horfield
  • Filton
  • Bradley Stoke
  • Stoke Gifford
  • Stoke Park
  • Redfield
  • St George
  • Kingswood
  • Hanham
  • Fishponds Downend
  • Emersons Green
  • Southville
  • Bedminster
  • Totterdown

Why Us

There are many benefits to using our company to treat your dogs to a walk. As dog owners ourselves we know how much time it can take to actually look after your beloved pooch.

We help you take the stress out of pet ownership. You can go to work or get about your day however you please and know that your dog is in good hands.


We allow your dog to play in a group. To get outdoors and have fun while you can’t be at home to play or go for a walk as life has taken over. We feed your canine while it’s on its walkie with some treats. Don’t forget that we pick up your dogs and then drop them home later.

This is based around your schedule also. If you can’t have your dog dropped home after there is no problem! We have a boarding play area we will keep your dogs until it’s time for us to drop him or her home!

How Do We Operate

We have a wide range of packages to choose from. Just click here to read more about each on.
But to quickly summerise our services we offer:


Walking Schedule

These are one on one walks.

Solo walks can be our standard walk time of one hour or longer.

These are walks with up to 5 dogs in the group.

Group walks are one hour long.

9am pick up

12 noon pickup

3pm pickup

5pm pickup

With pick up and drop off times factored in based on our experience it’s a total of 2 hours for morning. evening and afternoon walks. For walks during the middle of the day we like to advise 2.5 hours from the time we pick up your pet to the time they are dropped home due to the extra traffic.

During the walks your dog is kept on its lead to begin with. We will never take your dog off its without your approval. If you would like us to do this it can be discussed after the 10th walk.

We like to make sure your dogs gets used to the others the pack. We also like to see how they act with the assigned dog walker and how they react to unexpected situation and things like passing bikes and people out for a jog for example. If the walker fells confident to take your dog off their lead then we will happily do so if you please.

How Do We Guarantee Your Dogs Safety?

Good question! You wouldn’t want your dog wandering all around Bristol and not know where he or she is right?

What should be mention first is that we have never had an incident with a dogwalker. We have never had a dog get into a fight with another dog or a person. And we have never had a canine run off. This comes down to our experienced staff who are practically dog whisperers! And yes this includes dogs that go off their leads. You pets are in safe hands with us!

Where In Bristol Do We Walk?

Good question! We go all over Bristol. It just depends on the day and what our route looks like with the other dogs we are picking up. Then we pick up the last pet and head to the close of one of the follow areas:

Stoke Park Estate  | Snuff Mills | Oldbury Court Estate | Blaise Castle Estate | Badock’s Woods

GPS Pooch Tracking

We also offer you something special that no one else on the entire globe does that offers dog walks!

We actually use a GPS tracker with our staff and once you start with us you have access to a special app that you can use to track your dog. You will be able to see where your dog is at all times. This is from the moment of pick up to the returning of your dogs. The driver who picks up your dog will be the walker. The GPS is active all day.

And we have a surprise in store for you. Not only do we track the walker but we also track you actual dog!

Before we start the walk each canine also has a GPS tracker connected to their collar as a precautionary measure. So the location of your pets along side with its walkers for the day will always be known to you.

How’s that for peace of mind for dogwalking!